Battery+Solar PowerHub Improves Solar Payback 

The evolution of utility company rateplans has reduced mid-day solar backfeed credits. The new trend is to charge higher prices for energy used during evening hours. This means that peak solar production occurs at times when  the backfeed credits are lower.  : > (

For the average family pattern, the higher rate “peak hours” now apply during the busy evening activities. This can significantly increase the daily energy costs, even in solar-equipped homes.

Solar+batteries can be used to “time shift” in two beneficial ways.  

1) Customer can elect to entirely disconnect from the utility company during the peak hours of the evening, therby entirely avoiding the high peak time energy costs. The batteries charge during the middle of the day, and the energy is not used until later in the day.  

2) Alternatively, battery energy can be used to “shave the peaks” off evening energy use. This scenario enable solar owners to reduce the amount of energy they buy during the expensive hours.  This scenario will work well even on solar system with smaller battery banks.

Either of these methods essentially restore the peak time solar performance benefit that existed before the recent rate plan changes.  : > }

The SunnyCal PowerHubTM  is a solar inverter that contains battery options to enable "time shifting" of solar energy.  The PowerHub can scale up in size as customer needs grow (or utilty rateplans change). Initial systems can be purchased with minimal batteries if desired, and they can be expanded in the future.   The PowerHub is built in the USA.

Solar system owners can add PowerHub inverters to existing solar arrays, thereby adding “time shifting” and battery backup to existing systems.   The PowerHub also enables solar systems to continually produce power even during power outages.  Solar owners can now have unsurpassed benefits from their solar systems.

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