Diesel Generators For Continuous Use  

Finally…….we located a top grade diesel generator for use with our solar customers.   SunnyCal now offers Aurora Diesel generators as our preferred generator for off-grid and battery backup customers.    These generators offer A LOT !

                     + Warranty is valid in continuous-use power applications (voids Generac generators  warranty)

                     + Maintenance intervals are 500hrs between oil changes

                     + Units come with remote control panel and wireless start options

                     + Fuel tank is integrated. Avoids extra propane tank & trench.

                     + Industry-leading  2/5 year warranty

                     + Get a longlasting diesel generator for less than inferior propane solutions

                     + And last of all……they are quite, operating at 1/2 the rpm’s of gas and propane generators

These generators will likely be the last generator you ever need to purchase.  We have customers using diesel generators that are more than 50 years old.   That is cool!

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