Get Ready to be a SUPERUSER

Are you ready to be called a “SUPERUSER”?  

Beginning on March 1, 2017 PG&E is enacting a new new rateplan that will expose all their residential customers to the possibility of being classified as a SuperUser, and paying high penalty rates as a result.  To be clear, PGE explains this is a “State-mandated” increase. Many consumers have already received the “warning letters” form PGE, indicating they are in danger of receiving the “High Usage Surcharge”.

What is the rate plan? The new rateplan is another step in rate changes that will result in ever-increasing utility bills for most households.  In March, PGE will change from 3-tiers of prices, down to only 2-tiers; problem is the increased price of the second tier to be as high as the previous third tier.  That means as soon as you blow through your tier one usage, you will be essentially moved with to the highest tier price.  This can cause many bills to double.

The SuperUser is what happens next.  When the amount of energy you use exceeds 4x your tier one allowance, your become a SUPERUSER !   How much will the “High Usage Surcharge be?”, well this is where things get fuzzy.  The PGE website indicates as of 2/2/17 that the Surcharge will be defined by the PUC in January.  I guess things are kind of backed up.  My suspicion is either the PUC or PGE is waiting to see the outrage over the other rate increases before they announce yet another increase.

Aside from becoming an energy hermit or moving to a 2-room city apartment, the ultimate solution for most homeowners will be to install a solar system with battery storage. These homeowners can benefit form solar, and use the batteries chop off the energy peaks during the expensive times of the day.

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