Off-Grid Cannabis Farm

Changing laws for cannabis growers is driving need for off-grid solar systems. 

Greenhouse 1a

Bob operates several greenhouses  on his property that is located beyond the reach of PGE power. Needing to avoid the cost and noise of 24 hr. generator operation, he turned to SunnyCal Solar for an off-grid sollar system. 

In a field  about 60 yards from his home we installed a ground mounted 7600W solar array.

Array Pic 1a

In his garage, we installed two Schneider 5500W inverters, two 3000W charge controllers.The entire system operation is controlled through the main distribution panel.

Dual Inverter Sys. 1a

For his battery bank we installed 80 lithium battery cells. Each cell produces 3.2V, and all together create a 48V bank. Each set of five cells has a battery management circuit to ensure proper balance of voltage in all the cells. In total these produce an 18 kWhr lithium battery bank. Bob can see his battery voltage and charge level directly from the monitor panel next to the main circuit breaker.

Battery close up 1a reduced

Now his home and grow lights can be powered by solar energy.  When the load gets too high, or the batteries get drained due to limited sunlight, the backup diesel generator will turn on to top off the batteries.

This solution enables immediate operation of his 2 acre farm business, while providing normal home power. The high cost of installing PGE power poles for miles was saved.

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