Your Solar Company Go Under?

Wow, my solar company went out of business, now what? 

As solar prices continue to fall, many of the solar companies who depended on excessively high sale prices or lease financing are falling away. In the past months many solar owners whose systems were installed by SunEdison and The Solar Company(thesolarco) now find out bad news when they call for support.

Typically a company that is going out of business will start the process by laying off of many employees, having a period of poor support to customer problems, followed by the inevitable announcent to go out of business.

So where can a system owner go from here?  

The best way to think about preserving your investment (and keeping your electric bill low), is to think about solar support like your medical doctor.  It is best to have a pre-existing relationship “before the problems develop”, then when you need support, the relationship is in place already.

SunnyCal Solar is sympathetic to the fact that a person who has a failed solar system is in a tough spot.  Not only do you have the ongoing solar payment, but the failure can cause your PGE bill to begin racking up big monthly bills also.  You get his with a financial double-whammy.

The SOLAR CHECKUPTM is a monthly service program offered to solar system owners. This program starts with a thorough documentation and testing of your solar system, then on a monthly basis we check on your system performance. A monthly record is maintained of your system performance, so any degradation of the system output over time can be supported by real data.  Battery backup system programs include battery maintenance and testing.

Solar sytem owners can join the SOLAR CHECKUPTM program, even if your system was not installed by SunnyCal Solar.  There is a small startup fee for such systems to cover the cost of creating the system documentation.

The typical cost for SOLAR CHECKUPTM starts at $29 per month for the basic service, and increases with the number of inverters in the system. For many solar system owners, losses of single month of system failure will more than pay for an entire year of this service.

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