Cargo Container Solar

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Add solar array using this prefabricated solar support structure.  

This galvanized framework attaches to top or side of steel cargo containers, and can hold up to 3500Watts of solar panel modules.

Solar power can directly feed solar inverter equipment in the cargo container below.

SunnyCal Solar Cargo-1 is the newest innovation in solar, applied to the tried and true lightweight cargo containers.

A cargo container can now become a powerful solar generating system for your home or business.


The Solar Carport features:

·     Rapid-Install Array Using Prefabricated Brackets

·     Solar Array:  1.0kW to 3.5kW array (4 to 16 modules)

·     Traditional or Steel Roof PV solar panel options

·     Designs to Support Solar and Snow Load

·     Frame design of two-inch, 14 gauge steel

·     Ready for Standard Solar Inverter

·     Option: Daylight Inverter, off-grid, no batteries

·     Designed to withstand 30lb snow load

·     Solar Array Shades Container to Reduce Heat Buildup

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