Gen-3 Battery Inverters

If you need the most complete array of solar functions in your solar system, Gen-3  is the answer.  Starting with the standalone H5001 Hybrid inverter, homeowners can have it all.  This inverter can operate as a grid-tied inverter, and will automatically maintain power output when the utility power fails….with no batteries!   If battery backup is desired, batteries can be added later, to the same inverter!

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This new generation inverter has options for virtually every user preference for solar power use. Uses can now live entirely off solar power from PV and battery, only using utility power as a last resort.

Older grid-tied inverter designs cannot accept batteries. Owners needing to add battery power must replace their old inverters.  But Gen-3 changes all that. Gen-3 owners can now install regular grid-tied inverters initially, and add batteries later without replacing the inverter.  As more owners are considering the benefits of battry power, this is a prudent insurance policy for future upgrades.

Buy low and sell high…..these inverters enable you to backfeed the utility power during time of peak pricing. This prevents the utility from defeating your solar investment by shifting the peak time pricing time windows.

Gen-3 inverters are manufactured for long life and reliability. With more than 1  billion per year revenue, the manufacturer has the staying power to support the 10 year warranty committment. 209-464-6100            All rights reserved ©2014-17  SunnyCal Solar Inc.  Lic. 990589