Diesel Generators

SunnyCal is pleased to announce we are now a dealer/distributor for Aurora Generators.

This broad range of diesel powered generators are the ultimate answer to residential and medium-sized commercial applications. Sizes range from 8kW to 30kW AC power.

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Ultra-reliable, quiet, low 1600 RPM's, and 20 times longer lasting than propane generators!  The actual operating costs of these units is far below the cost of operating gas or propane alternatives.

Rated for Continuous-Use 

Residential Backup 

Auto Turn-on for Solar backup

2yr/5yr Warranty  Coverage

Perkins Diesel Powerplant

A full array of options enable you to build the perfect generator for your needs. Standard options include:

      -Wireless Remote start, up to 500Ft

      -Cranckase heater for cold weather start protection

      -Solar or AC battery charger for cranking battery

      -Transfer switch control fo 100% backup

      -Large 100 Gallon Fuel tank, up from standard 10 gallon tank


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