Plug-N-Play Off-Grid Solar

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Disaster Assistance           Remote Military Sites          Temporary Power

The Plug-N-PlayTM is an easy to assemble solar system designed for rapid deployment and simple assembly.  This complete solar system has a unique design, which provides AC power with no special tools or solar expertise.  When the sun shines, the inverter supplies AC output power from the solar modules; after dark, the energy stored in module batteries  powers the inverter.  All wiring connectors are tool-free click connections.

· Free-standing solar array 

· Screw Hold-down Anchors

· 1200W of Solar,  four 280W Modules

· AnyTimeTM  Lithium 1.5kWhr Batteries

· System Storage 6.0kW/system

· 3000W Power Inverter120V/25A  

· AC Ouptut 120V/25A  60Hz

· Standard USA Electrical GFCI Outlet

· Galvanized Metal Frame 

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