Prefab FEMA-2

SunnyCal offers Prefabricated Solar Arrays or Entire Off-Grid Systems. Renters and off-grid sites can now install solar power.   The entire solar array and shed structures can be delivered in one trip, and screwed into place in minutes.  The array segments are 1.2kW of solar modules, clamped to a folding support structure. Set screws are pre-drilled at select locations for simple installation.   

 Folding video:

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Prefabricated Structure, Array or Complete System

One-Trip delivery

30 minute setup

Anchor to existing fence or building

Daylight Inverter, AC power when sun shines (optional)

Compatible with traditional solar inverters

This array can stand alone with cinder block weighting, or can be lagged directly into existing fence posts.  When installed next to an existing building, screws through the rear legs can secure the array to the building wall.

“Daylight” direct AC power inverters are available to produce off-grid power without battery storage. When the sun shines, the system produces 1000 watts of AC power. Units can power AC GFCI outlets directly. If battery storage is needed, a standard battery equipped solar system can be housed in our standard Solar Shed

Temporary installation can provide immediate power to disaster stricken regions. The unique folding design of the array structure enables bulk shipment to disaster sites.

Remote sites requiring power for autonomous equipment, like water well pumps and telecommunications equipment, can operate without utility power.

Daylight Inverter, makes power whenever the sun shines

Securing your array structure is crucial. SunnyCal offers exclusive 14” & 18” aluminium ground screws and custom brackets to secure array rails. 209-464-6100            All rights reserved ©2014-18  SunnyCal Solar Inc.  Lic. 990589