RV Solar Components

RV needs are different than home solar  The key to long lasting solar power is selection of the right equipment. SunnyCal has years of equipment selection experience, resulting in system that will provide years of troublefree power.

Solar Panels

Solar modules are the starting point for your solar system. We offer 12V panels for small and mid-sized solar systems. These systems are adequate for battery charging and operating electronic equipment. 

We use 30V solar panels for large systems designed to support all loads, including air conditioners. 30V solar modules are physically larger than 12V modules

Charge Controller

Chg Ctrl 1a

Charge controllers function as the “voltage regulator” of the system, controlling the solar power delivered to the batteries, without overcharging. 

Charge controllers must be selected to match the output voltge of the solar panels. Modern charge controllers have special circuits called “MPPT”. This enables about 30% more energy to be harvested from 30V solar panels.

Power Inverter

Inverter Pic 1a

The power inverter is the workhorse of the solar system, converting battery voltage to AC power to operate your equipment.  The power inverter must output enough power to support the equipment you want to operate.  It is very important that your inverter can supply the startup power surge from your air conditioner. If the inverter is too small, it will die an early death, and warranties do not cover this type of damage. 


Batteries are the fuel tank of your solar system. During sunny days, the solar panels power your equipment, storing any excess energy in the batteries. At night, the battery power is used to power your equipment. 

AGM Batt pic 1a

Proper battery size is vital in order to avoid ‘over discharge’ of you batteries.  Batteries that are frequently discharged, die an early death. Lead acid batteries should not be discharged below 50%.  Lithium batteries can tolerate discharge of 80%.

 It is important to have sufficient solar energy  to refill the batteries before they are severly discharged again. Batteries that  frequently undercharged have short lives.

Lead Acid Batteries, If you prefer lead acid batteries, we install sealed AGM batteries. We stock standard sizes, so we can often “upgrade” you existing batteries to “Solar Storage” batteries. Typical replacements result in 3x more storage in each new battery compared to old flooded leadacid batteries.

LiFePO pic 1a

 Lithium Batteries, if you desire the maximum power with the longest life, lithium is the battery you need.  They cost more to buy initially, but they will last for years, even if they are ran dead!  If you replace two lead acid batteries, you could have had a lithium battery, and be good for 5-10 years.  

Benefits of Lithium

No maintenance      No Fumes      Lightweight             Smaller Size         Longest Life

IMG 6010

Cables and Circuit Breakers

The most common errors in solar system installation is use of undersized battery cables and failure to install circuit breakers. 

The battery cables must be able to support the LARGE current pulled by the inverter, typically 100-200A.  It is like operating your car starter for hours non-stop. We make all our battery cables to match your specific installation.

Circuit breakers are required for any equipment that connects to the battery.  The circuit breakers prevent overheating of cables or equipment if there is a electrical short circuit. Failure to install correctly sized circuit breakers may result in a fire

RV Side Bracket 1a reduced

Support Brackets and Rails

We have designed special brackets for securing mounting rails directly to edge rails of your RV. We use existing screw holes, avoiding making new holes in your roof!  

The brackets support the cross rails used to support the solar panels.

Installations that require roof penetrations are caulked beneath the brackets, then all around the edges. As with other roof attachments, periodic resealing is advised.

               Installation is available at our store in Jackson CA (near intersection of Hwy 49 & 88).                                              Overnight parking is available with advance notice.  

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