Carports with Solar

Steel Roof PV can now change lightweight carports into powerful solar systems. This new roof sheeting includes thin silicon modules bonded directly to the metal surface. Their light weight is a negligible roof load to even the most lightweight frame structure.

Finally, there is an alternative to installing solar modules on your roof.  A SunnyCal solar carport creates shaded parking, plus solar power generation to eliminate your electric bill.

Owners of existing carports can add Steel Roof PV on top of existing metal roofs without the weight and bulk of traditional solar modules.            Click for DataSheet

Roof view Lean-to 1 low res

Steel Roof PV is a 22ga. galvanized sheetmetal roof material, with solar cells on the outer surface, and junction box and wire on the underside. Solar modules connect to neighboring modules with standard MC-4 connectors on PV wires. Strings of modules connect directly to traditional solar inverters, or individually to microinverters. The structure can be applied to on-grid or off-grid systems.

Standard lightweight roof design is adequate for a full rooftop of Steel Roof PV modules.

Typical Steel Roof PV modules are arranged in groups of 14-18  modules per carport.

220W x 18 = 4kW of solar

Results in estimated savings of $151/mo

(based on 5.5hrs/day solar production and $0.28/kW electric rate)

Securing your carport investment is crucial. SunnyCal offers exclusive 18” aluminium ground screws and custom brackets to secure 2” and 2.5” foundation rails. 209-464-6100            All rights reserved ©2014-17  SunnyCal Solar Inc.  Lic. 990589