Solar Shade Table

SunnyCal is pleased to offer the “Connec-table”, solar shade table with built-in DC chargers for mobile devices and AC power outlets. This multipurpose addition to your outdoor spaces will provide your customers with the ability to enjoy your facility, all the while recharging their mobile devices. One added benefit is the freeing up your inside power outlets

With the ConnecTable Hub, users can charge devices outdoors while working, studying, grabbing lunch or taking a break, using the sustainable power of the sun

Expand your nighttime spaces with LED lighted picnic tables

Your conversion to renewable energy can be completed since the power for the recharging comes 100% from solar power

One-day installation of this pre-engineered solution is available, directly to your site

Connectable 2a reduced

Sleek, Modern Design 

Minimalistic design aesthetic integrates seamlessly with any space . Customized steel powder coating complements the look of any landscape. Seats 4-8 comfortably, with the ability to add additional benches 

Integrated LED lighting for night time enjoyment ADA compliant 

Safety & Durability 

NEC compliant, with P.E. stamped electrical design
90mph wind-rated, self-ballasted base structure 

Powder coated or enameled steel surfaces are highly stain resistant and weather protected 

Power Where You Need It 

Powerful 0.5kW or 1kW solar charging station, with a 3/1 solar harvest to output power ratio 

Charges up to 75-150 mobile devices per day, with (4) 120V AC and (8) USB ports

Delivers dependable, off-grid  power in all weather conditions, with 3-day battery backup

Incredible Value 

Cost-competitive with all major suppliers, while providing superior performance 

Qualifies for 30% Federal Business Investment Tax Credit (ITC) & Federal MACRs accelerated depreciation  shade panels

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