Cannabis Solar

The rapid expansion of cannabis farming includes needs for significant electrical power.  Growers concerns can be addressed by addition of solar power.

  • Keep electricity costs under control 
  • Ensure power to manage light cycle of plants
  • Implement greenhouse power in remote sites
  • Power for well and surface delivery pumps
  • Power for drying room equipment

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Growers with off-grid power needs can now have continuous power using the MySite PowerHub, all-in-one solar power system.  

Greenhouse 1a

Systems are delivered fully assembled, and when plugged into solar modules, starts providing AC power for lights and 240V pumps immediately. All connections are made using plug-in cords, so units can be repositioned as needed.

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Modern battery banks are assembled from long life lithium batteries, which require no periodic maintenance.  The life expectancy is 15 years under normal use. Battery racks come with built in circuit breakers and display panel to show voltage and charge level.

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Security Concerns

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