Winery Solar

SunnyCal Solar is the local solar provider for wineries and grape growers in Amador, Calaveras and EL Dorado areas.  We offer deluxe frameless solar panels for attractive tasting room facilities, and ground mount installations for remote pumping applications.

One key concern for winery tasting rooms in Central California is the utility penalty associated with Peak-Day-Pricing  (PDP). During PDP "event days", the cost for electricity is increased 7X above normal.  Installing solar of any size will create a PDP exemption.

Usage from multiple electric meters can now be offset using a single solar system. This now enables remote solar array installations to cancel electric usage charges for an entire campus of users. This is called "meter aggregation”.

Vineyards that are watered by wells can now be powered by solar power.  The SunnyCal Well Inverter can power regular AC well pumps directly from solar. 

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