Store Inventory

We offer a complete stock of solar equipment and kits for homeowners and DYI installers. Zero your electric bill and be ready for the next power outage.

Inventory includes solar modules, inverters, batteries, charge controllers and battery chargers.  Complete grid-tied and off-grid  kits can be delivered to your site. Remote solar-powered yard and driveway lights are now in stock.

We stock a variety of batteries including: flooded lead acid, AGM and lithium batteries. Accessories 

We custom fabricate MC4 wire, battery cables, support hardware, circuit breakers, fuses and crimp lugs.

Supports include: carports, ground mount, roof mount and prefabricated structures. FEMA-1 folding array structures can be unfolded and begin producing power within minutes.

We fabricate complete array of carport part components, kits and hold-down screw anchors.

SunnyCal is the exclusive distributor of Steel Roof PV panels. These 22 gauge roof sheets include built-in solar cells for low profile, lightweight solar roofing. 209-464-6100            All rights reserved ©2014-18  SunnyCal Solar Inc.  Lic. 990589