Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is a key component of energy savings for home and business.  

SunnyCal  partners with Sunvelope to create the most low maintenance and cost effective solar water heating systems available.  

SunnyCal thermal systems heat incoming water directly, with no need for glycol antifreeze and sophisticated pumping systems.  The entire system is solar powered and heated. The system is freeze-tolerant and free of the overheating problems associated with glycol based closed loop systems.

The result of this simple and effective design is an effective hot water heating system that requires little maintenance, and can easily be managed by typical homeowners.

                                                                                                                                         One-Day Residential Installation in most situations.  Solar thermal can be installed simultanously with solar electric systems.

 No Gylcol Required                 Simplified Maintenance              

 Freeze Tolerant              Never Overheats

Solar Pool Heater Enables Year-Round Operation

Sunvelope solar collectors heat water as it passes through welded tubes in a sunlit collector sheet

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