Sunnycal Offers a Variety of Prefabricated Structures


Folding solar supports

Folding Solar Support

Need rapid deployment of a solar array. The FEMA-1 structure can be unfolded  and standing in-place in minutes. Each structure hold four 60 or 72 cell modules.

Unit is shipped with legs folded against support rails, and when unpacked legs can be unfolded into the vertical position, and secured with set-screws.

The FEMA-1 is ideal for rapid setup or applications where the solar array might need to be relocated at a later date.

Unit can be flush-mounted to an existing structure or can use ground screws to secure against uplift and theft.

Ground Screws Secure Against Uplift

Solar modules are attached using standard ProSolar mid and end clamps.

Below is a brief video showing the structure being folded during construction.

Demonstration Video





A variety of optional configurations are available with the folding array.

FEMA-1 with solar modules installed
Solar Array for Rapid Deployment

Simple Folding Array Support

Array Support with Four Solar Modules 

Array Support, Modules, and Battery Free Inverter





Prefab Array FEMA-2 Datasheet




Ground Mount Supports

Ground mount supports are available for solar electric or solar thermal  modules.  These modules are fabricated from 14 gauge corrosion resistant galvanized square tube, bent to achieve the ideal angle and height.

Legs are placed on 10 foot intervals, and cross-connected by steel ribs.  T-footings are inserted in the legs, and secured by set screws at user-selected heights to enable placement on uneven terrain.

Solar modules can be screwed directly to the steel ribs. (Image shows solar thermal module attached)



Spa Heating Array built with Pre-fabricated Support Stand