Solar Powered Campus and Picnic Tables



solar table shade, solar with battery

Solar power is now available to energize outdoor tables and eating spaces.  The Picnic Power(TM) module turns a standard picnic table into a solar-powered workstation.   110v AC power and USB outlets deliver solar power to the table surface without need for utility power.  The overhead solar shade structure contains all the electrical functions. Power is available at the table surface using standard outlet connections.


User Features

  • Four 110V outlets
  • Eight USB outlets
  • Overhead LED table  light
  • Shade rotates on round pole to optimize solar power
  • Backup battery for nominal 2 days of operation




The Picnic Power is available as a complete table or as an add-in to an existing heavy duty table weighing at least 1100lbs.

The Picnic Power Module contains a long-lasting lithium battery, charged by a 1000W solar array. Each table can support a nominal load of 1500W of load power. Battery power availability is limited by available sunlight and load duration.



Weighted Shade PedestalTo increase wind tolerance, the shade support rests in a weighted shade pedestal  below the table.