EV Solar Carport Kit, 4000W, 14’x24′


EV Carport Datasheet

Model: 20-20-2420

Color: Roof color is misty green, wall color can be chosen from color chart.

Part Number: 324-0012-202024

Warranty: 10yrs.


Green all-metal  14′ x 24′ solar carport.  This ShadeCharger includes  4000 watts of built-in solar modules on roof sheeting, solar power inverter, a Wallbox Pulsar Plus level-2 charger and a 20kWhr lithium battery.  Normal sunlight provides up to 40-90 miles of driving charge per day depending on the season.

Solar power enables charging during daylight hours, pulling power from the storage battery as needed to match car charging requirements. Optional utility input can supply additional power as needed.

Roof is vertical rib design, with cross purlins for snow load up to 30lbs/sq. ft.

Best placement is with roof  surfaces facing east and west

Estimated reduction of CA electric bill: $120-145/mo.

Product is available for pickup in Jackson CA.

Installation  and delivery in Central California: $3600 additional

EV Carport Kit Datasheet


Additional information

Weight 400 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 60 × 48 in

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