300W Solar LED StreetLight, Motion Sensing or Fixed



This Solar LED Street Light  is the perfect motion sensing solar light for street or driveway entrances.  Includes integrated solar module, lithium battery and 300W LED light element  (Pole is not included)

SunnyCal 300W Solar Light Datasheet 1a

No electric power is required for this light. Mounts to 1.9″-3.8″ pole OD.

In Motion Mode it remains on dim all night until motion is detected, then it switches to full brightness.   In non-motion mode, it can operate at adjustable intensities of at full brightness.

The unit contains:

  1. Upward facing solar module surface
  2. LED light with cast aluminum housing
  3. Built in  lithium iron battery
  4. Pole mount or flat wall mount

20-25 year projected lifetime, with battery life estimated to exceed 5000 charge cycles.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 36 × 12 in