6000W All-in-one Inverter 48V to 120/240V Split Phase 80A MPPT Charger


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6000W Solar Inverter 48V to 120/240V Split Phase Off Grid Hybrid 80A MPPT Charger

The 6000W solar inverter is a complete package of 80A MPPT solar charge controller, 60A utility charger, transfer switch and a 6000 watt power inverter.
It converts 48v DC power from battery bank or solar power to alternating current ac of 120/240V ac power.
The 80A solar charge can be hooked up to solar panels up to 5KW with VOC (open circuit voltage) up to 250Vdc.
It is designed for off grid solar systems, offering pure sine wave power for all types of loads.
Built with a 80A utility charger, it can also use AC power as backup in hybrid systems.
The 6000W solar inverter works with most types of batteries on the market, it has RS485 communication with a BMS port (battery management system) to communicate with lithium batteries built with the same protocol.

The highly programmable LCD screen allows users to set a wide range of inverter specs such as
1 AC output Frequency: 60hz
2 AC output voltage: 120/240V Split phase
2 Power priority: Solar, battery, or utility
3 Ac Input voltage range
4 Charging current amp & voltage
5 Power saver mode
6 Auto restart after over temp or low battery voltage shutoff
7 Low Battery Cut Off/Alarm
8 Transfer voltage between DC & AC

The 6000W solar inverter virtually allows users to change all of its specs within its range. This allows users to set up their own spec for 48 volt Tesla battery modules and other special lithium batteries.
Low Battery Cut Off:36-52Vdc
DC to AC transfer voltage:44-56Vdc
AC to DC transfer voltage:44-58Vdc
CV/Float voltage:48-58.4Vdc

It allows real time remote monitoring by remote LCD(sold separately)Wi-Fi module or GPRS module.
There is a free Wi-Fi module included in this package.

Shipping weight 90lbs



Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15.25 × 21.25 in

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