6kW Solar System kit for DIY Self-Installers, Ground Mount Hardware




Complete 6,000W (AC) solar system kit with ground mount support hardware.

System integrates a 6,000 watt Fronius  inverter,  twenty 330W GCL modules, and the support hardware fittings.

System supports net metering with your utility company, and records excess energy to cancel~$240/mo. PGE bill in most clear sun situations.

Contents include:.

(20) 330W GCL Solar Panels,
(1) Fronius Inverter 6kW
(10)  Support rails
(20) Mid clamps
(20) End clamps
(12) Tee-Fittings for 1.5″ pipe
(50) Feet of PV wire
(2) MC-4 female connectors
(2) MC-4 male connectors
(20) Pro-Solar U-bolts
(30) Stainless Steel PV wire clips
(1) Electrical diagrams required for permit package
This kit does not include the 210ft of  1.5″ galvanized pipe for the support structure.
Please contact store for shipping details.
Delivery available to your  local sites. (Solid roadway required)

Additional information

Weight 1800 lbs
Dimensions 164 x 50 x 48 in

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