Battery, Flooded Lead Acid, 538AHr, 48v



Voltage (V):  48V

Current (A):  538Ahrs
Power (W):  25800Whrs
Warranty: 5yrs manufacturers prorated warranty(see details)

Available on backorder


Flooded lead acid battery for off-grid applications. 538AHr enables serious backup power.  These  48V batteries in order to match most system  inverter requirements.

Cable connections are made using standard 350A Anderson Power Pole  connectors.

To determine battery size requirements for your load check out

Dimensions 18″ x31″ x 24″, 1400 lbs.

In order to ensure fresh product quality, these units are available by special order only.

24v 1200Ahr Lead Acid Storage Battery
Lead acid storage battery for solar or backup power systems (representative picture)

Additional information

Weight 1400 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 45 × 16.75 in

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