Battery, Lithium, 24v, 55Ahr, ABS case


Model: 24-60

Color: Grey

Part Number: # 110-0015-42

Manufacturer Warranty:  36 month credit/exchange



24V Lithium storage  battery for high power and long-life battery.  The best lithium battery with built-in battery management(BMS). available. Top grade Lithium materials ensure long life surge capacity for demanding solar applications. Solar Panel: 225W-350W per battery.

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Dimensions 12″w x 6.7″d x 8.2″h

Voltage 28.2-29.2V,    1595Whr.  Can be stacked to build up to 48V battery string.

Matching Termination:   (+ on L.H.S. & – on R.H.S)

Weight 28lb, rugged ABS battery case

Warranty Doc

Recommended charging current: 15A-100A (20A recommended)

Recommended discharge current up to 55A(max 3 second discharge 100A)

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in