WORLD’S THINNEST WALL MOUNTED BATTERY! BigBattery’s 48V 14 kWh LiFePO4 RHINO is here and if you’re looking to create a powerful solar or off-grid system, the RHINO is your answer.

The RHINO is not only a mere 4 inches thick, allowing you to discreetly install the unit wherever you need in your home or garage, but beats the Tesla Powerwall 2 in every single category! The RHINO has 500 more watt-hours of capacity, has a 200% greater lifespan, utilizes LFP, the safer chemistry compared to NMC in the Powerwall 2, and is significantly more cost-effective. Did we mention that it’s completely fireproof? That’s right, the RHINO utilizes cutting edge Razor cells capable of being fully punctured without releasing toxic fumes or catching on fire.

The RHINO comes with a wall mount that is easily assembled and installed so you can get powered faster, and an LED Smart Display so you can always monitor the health and status of your RHINO. If you’re looking for a safe, reliable, and high capacity solution for your off-grid or solar applications, pick up a RHINO today!

Big Battery Rhino Features and Specs
Big Battery Rhino Features and Specs
Why Use Big Battery?
Why Use Big Battery?

Rhino-48140-G1. Datasheet

To determine battery size requirements for your load check out

Ideal for  Solar Power Backup, UPS, application

Link to Big Battery Website

Additional information

Weight 290 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 12 × 30 in

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