Solar-To-Go 50A Breaker Panel for Solar or EV Equipment



Power panel specifically for powering additional solar equipment or  EV Chargers in residential settings. Ideal for extending high current wiring in support of equipment installations.  Receptacles are protected by weatherproof hood.

Ideal addition to expand garage power outlets when installing EV chargers


    • Breaker panel with  TT-30R &  Nema 14-50 connectors (option for two Nema 14-50’s)
    • Enclosure is outdoor rated
    • Conforms to UL Standard 50
    • Exterior components are G90 galvanized steel with baked on polyester powder coat finish
    • Padlocking provisions provided for power theft prevention
    • Receptacles and breakers are pre-wired
    • Interior rated up to 125 Amps, 240vac
    • Installed breakers are Siemens Type QP

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 24 in

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