Convert your existing “dumb” grid feedback inverter to a fully functional Sol-Ark 8kW grid-feedback system and battery backup.  The existing solar array can drive the new inverter directly. With the addition of this hybrid inverter and associated lithium battery pack, you can maintain power to select parts of your home even when the grid is down.  Similar functionality as the infamous power wall, but is available today, at a fraction of the price

Battery + Grid Tie Inverter

Convert to battery backup.  This package is fully installed with a 12kW string inverters, 20kWhr LiFePo battery, cables and a dedicated loads breaker panel and breakers.  Options are also available for 40kWhr and 60kWhr LiFePo batteries. Batteries and inverter must be installed at indoor locations, protected from rain and temperature extremes. Best practice is to place the inverter near the existing circuit breaker panel.

The Sol-Ark  inverter is battery-ready. It will function without batteries. When added, batteries provide night time power and shifting of backfeed  to high rate periods to maximize utility credit.

This system includes a variety of operating modes to best suit your goals. Grid-feedback is selectable to be: On, Off, or TOU time specific. Priority can be selected to define what type of power is delivered to the loads; the sequence of solar power, battery power or grid power can be prioritized to drive loads.

In addition to an output line to backfeed the utility, this inverter includes a second output for use in powering a “dedicated loads” subpanel. The dedicated loads panel allows selection of those circuits to remain powered during utility outages.

Inverter includes protective circuit breakers for battery input, utility connection and load feed to grid or inverter.  A bypass lockout is included to enable loads to be tied to the utility in case of inverter failure.

This installed product is limited specific areas in Central California, including the following counties: Amador, Calaveras, Stanislaus, Santa Clara, and San Joaquin.

To determine battery size requirements for your load check out



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Weight 210 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 20 x 20 in