Golf Net & Supports for 6 Portrait Solar Modules, 78in x 250in



Protective net to minimize damage to  rooftop solar array caused by falling items, such as golf balls, baseballs and pine cones.  Net dimensions enable protection of standard 60 and 72 cell modules. Special reinforcing cords are embedded to provide extra strength.  Kit includes net, 8 support anchors & 4 support beams and  tensioners to draw the net tight above the solar modules.

Net will not be effective against heavy objects like rocks and falling tree branches.  This #18 net has  is designed to block  balls in flight, but not overly degrade solar energy. Net color can be white or black. Net-induced losses are lower for white color (typically 5% less losses)

Net is designed specifically for residential applications to protect against most golf ball damage. SunnyCal nets include extra reinforcing cord every 6 ft. For longer lengths, multiple nets can be linked by metal carabiners.

Note, the beams clamp onto the underside of existing solar rail ends, approximately 3-inches of clearance is required below the rails.

Protected by 3-Year prorated warranty.

Installation Instructions

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in

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