Off Grid Solar System, 15kW inverter, 44kWhr lithium battery




Off-grid solar inverter/charger, ideal system for whole-house AC power. All you need to add is the solar array.

SunnyCal’s PowerHub system integrates a 15,000 watt power inverter, 48V battery bank and wheeled  industrial racking . This storage system charges batteries using the built-in battery charger.

Standard PowerHub Battery Tower includes 44kWhr lithium batteries and cables.

The 120/240vac AC input and output voltages are provided through standard on-board 100A distribution breaker panel.   This  system cannot feedback power to the grid.

Can be converter to solar power by addition sole modules and a charge controller (not included)

To determine battery size requirements for your load check out

POWERHUB Datasheet


                   Off-Grid inverter system

Three MPPT Charge Controllers

                   44kWhr Lithium battery(48V)

Built-in switch to pass generator input power directly to loads

                      60A Breaker distribution panel

                      80″ tall wheeled equipment rack

                      Generator start/stop controller based on battery voltage

Note: picture is that of a standard system, actual configuration will vary.

Optimal for 6kW to 9kWDC solar array, not included.

Additional information

Weight 4100 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 50 x 80 in

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