ON/OFF-GRID 5.5k Solar System kit, Ground Mount Hardware, Lead Acid Batteries




Complete medium size solar system kit with ground mount array support hardware.  This system can operate on or off grid.

System integrates a 5500 watt hybrid inverter,  two  2800W charge controllers, system control panel. The inverter has a built-in 100A battery charger when operating from 240vac generator input

This kit comes with steel encased lead acid batteries.

The 120/240vac AC input and output voltages, and the  inverter can operate in grid interactive or non-grid tied

Contents includes:

(18) 300W Solar Panels,
(1)  Schneider Inverter 5500W
(2)  Schneider 60A Charge Controllers
(1) Schneider Distribution Panel
(1) Schneider Control Panel
(1) Flex Combiner Box, 12 Channel
(6) Midget Fuse Holders
(6) 20A Fuses
(6) PV Wire with MC4 Connectors
(12) Support Rails
(24) Mid Clamps
(24) End Clamps
(16) Fixed Tee Fittings
(24) Pro-Solar Ubolts
(4) 1300Ah 12V Batteries and cables
(40) Stainless Steel PV wire clips
This kit does not include the galvanized pipe for the support structure.
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Additional information

Weight 4000 lbs
Dimensions 140 x 50 x 48 in

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