Complete installed solar system for RV’s.  This system includes two 370W solar modules,  a 30A  charge controller, two 100Ahr sealed lead-acid batteries, a 1500W  power inverter, eight z-brackets for roof attachment  and two hours of installation labor. Installation at 795 CA-49, Jackson, CA.

  • Two  370W (or larger solar modules)
  • Eight  direct-attach brackets to secure modules
  • 30 ft of array wire (spans 15 ft)
  • 30A charge controller
  • 1500W, 120V,   12v inverter with AC power outlet
  • 40A and 100A DC circuit breakers
  • Two 100Ahr 12V sealed lead-acid batteries
  • 24″  #2 battery cables, 24″ #6 cable
  • includes 2 hours of installation labor, additional labor rate is $125/hr.


Additional information

Weight 420 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 48 × 48 in

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