Solar Shed with Complete Solar System



This complete solar system in a shed is a stand-alone power system, ideal  for applications requiring small footprint solar or off-grid power.  Ideal to power off-grid RV sites. Provides construction site power for new home construction, and can later be converted to main site power.

The PowerHub can be fully integrated, and comes preconfigured for:

  • Wood frame shed design, with double doors
  • Metal roof with attach points for solar modules
  • Solar module option  290W crystalline (1-3)
  • 50kWhr  Lead acid battery,
  • Battery charger Solar or AC options
  • Power Inverter, 120v or 240V, 4000W
  • External solar array can be connected


Local delivery available.

Additional information

Weight 4000 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 84 x 84 in