Solar-To-Go 4 Module 1.6kW Grid-tied Solar System



Complete assembled solar system for simple pick-and-place installation.  This system includes four 330W solar modules, a GroundRack support frame and a 1500W solar inverter.

Solar-To-Go 1.6kW On-Grid System with Hold-downs
Solar-To-Go 1.6kW On-Grid System with Hold-downs
Solar-To-Go Four Module System
Solar-To-Go Four Module System

The Solar-To-Go system can  expanded by adding additional sections. Additional  structures can be attached to existing sections with a slip-and-screw fitting method.  The sections can be held in place by SunnyCal ground screws for rapid installation.

Shipping Container Leg Foundation
Shipping Container Leg Foundation for GroundRack

GroundRack can be bolted directly to shipping container rooftop edges using  angle leg foundations (specified at with order.)

This system will typically produce $84 of utility savings during summer months (assuming $0.32/kwhr utility rate)

Solar is made simple by:

  • Modules and GroundRack are preassembled
  • Each section is prewired, with plug-n-play connectors
  • Sections can be transported using normal pickup or trailer
  • Hold down using two ground screws(included)
  • Simple 240Vac wiring ties into on-site breaker panel(like a clothes dryer).
  • System can be expanded by adding additional sections
  • Engineering calculations available(optional)

Solar systems that are grid-tied to enable  participation in net metering may require additional documentation and inspections.

Select in-store pickup at checkout and call if delivery is required.

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 48 × 24 in

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