Talk to an expert about your solar questions.  Advice is available directly from our design staff.   The consultation fee enables up to 30 minutes of phone support, spread across 1-2 calls. We will not reveal your personal information to 3rd parties.

Topics can include:

  1. Explanation of how solar systems work.
  2. Recommended system type to match you needs
  3. Equipment critiques to help you choose the best equipment for your installation.
  4. System architectures to provide best features for your needs.
  5. Nut and bolt engineering calculations to aid in selecting equipment  cables and batteries.
  6. Full quotation for a solar system purchase or a DIY kit purchase.

Purchasers can apply the SolarAnswerMan fee to subsequent purchases from SunnyCal Solar to receive up to a 10% discount on purchases.  Purchasers can attend one session of our Solar Basics class for no charge (subject to availability).