Solar+Battery Power

Solar+Battery Power Is Now a Reality

Can your family afford to be victim to uncontrollable grid dependencies? A battery-based solar system can provide the critical power to preserve your food security and drinking water during a grid emergency.

Modern Gen-3 Battery  Inverters can now operate with or without utility NEM participation.  The solar energy is available even when utility power is out.  Adding batteries enables nighttime power and exact control of if energy is back-fed to the utility.

Now that major utilities have the practice of shutting the grid off preemptively, you could be in the dark for days without notice. If it is time for a change, here is an powerful solution.

If you already have a solar system, you only need to add a battery inverter and batteries.  Your existing solar array can bee used without modification in most cases.

 Full solar power is still available when your utility power is out!

Wall-Mounted Lithium Battery
Wall-Mounted Lithium Battery

Scalable Lithium Battery
Scalable lithium battery shown with 4 cells

Fridge Power         Cell Phone Charging           Well Water Pump

The rapid expansion of battery technology is opening new possibilities for long-life and reliable battery power in your solar solution

  • Add battery backup to your home system
  • Use battery power when utility rates are high during peak TOU windows
  • Create  “critical load circuits” to ensure refrigerator and well pumping during emergencies.
  • Add off-grid power for remote sites for animal watering

Off grid systems can now support entire house power requirements. Modern battery banks, coupled with powerful power inverters and reliable solar modules provide years of trouble free power.  Backup generators can be used to augment solar production and boost battery charge when needed.

Choices abound for selecting the best battery for your solution.
Floor standing Lithium battey tower



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