Sheds for Solar Equipment

Some solar equipment, and most batteries, cannot be placed outdoors without protection from the elements.  The single most important thing solar owners can do to increase the lifetime of solar equipment is to shield them from excessive heat and moisture swings; a solar shed can help in both areas. Sunnycal sheds come in various formats to suit customer preferences.

  • Freestanding wood-framed sheds
  • Lean-to wooden sheds
  • Wall-mounted equipment cabinet
  • Freestanding metal sheds
  • Lean-to metal sheds

Security of solar equipment is greatly improved when it is out of sight, inside a locked building.

When build new homes, solar sheds provide secure equipment storage and a rooftop for solar panels. RV’s can be powered from the shed during the homebuilding process.

Solar Equipment Shed
Solar Equipment and Battery Shed
Wall mounted equipment shed
Wall Mounted Solar Equipment Cabinet
Wall Mounted Equipment Cabinet

Free standing sheds are prefabricated, and delivered as a finished unit. They may be placed on concrete slabs and secured with square frame hold-down clamps.

Ground Screws Secure Against Uplift

Alternatively, they may be placed on or level ground, and secured with ground screws.

Wooden lean-to sheds are ideal for most urban  home solar projects. They come pre-built, and ready to be attached to  an existing dwelling. Cross member can be lagged directly to external walls.  Extendable legs can be  adjusted to rest on level or uneven terrain.