Solar System Broken?

Solar Company Gone Out of Business?

Solar Servco offers solar owners long term support for their solar service needs. Our goal is to provide performance monitoring, repair and cleaning to solar owners, independent of the installation company.

Service offering includes:

  • Solar system performance testing
  • Repair and replacement of failed components
  • Remote monitoring of customer systems, with problem alerts
  • Upgrade of systems to add modules
  • Convert grid-tied system to ┬áinclude battery backup
  • Remove solar array for re-roof, then reinstall
  • Clean solar arrays
  • Install cleaning systems to existing arrays
  • Add protection birds, golf balls and rodents


Solar Protection Program

Homeowners can subscribe to one of our monthly subscription plans to ensure availability of service and and repair services.

Solar Servco Flyer

A solar check up should assess the following:

  • Solar array structure and potential shade issues
  • Solar Panel wiring and dangling wires
  • Inverter wiring into home breaker panel
  • Solar wiring into inverter
  • Battery cables
  • Internet reporting status when available
  • Protective ground wire connections
  • Warning label placement and decay


Actual inverter that was believed to be working prior to inspection

Solar Service


Solar module damaged by rocks


Example of hot spots in solar modules (below glass)

Solar service


Example of overheated wire nut used to link multiple wires