Monthly Solar Checkup

SunnyCal Solar Service can maintain your solar system in peak performance by routine checkups.

Technician Evaluates Solar Power Production

Our PV Checkup Program Provides:

  • Monthly verification of system power output
  • Testing of power production compared to realtime sunlight levels
  • Recording of monthly power levels to establish ongoing record of performance
  • Periodic review of you energy production versus your energy consumption
  • Solar owners can also install energy monitors to automatically create an on-line record of solar production and home energy use. Click here to see a live example

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Solar System Inspection,  Assessment and Operating Familiarization

Prospective homeowners benefit from electrical inspections, roof inspection and septic inspections.  Now solar inspections can provide similar confidence when considering purchasing a new solar-equipped home.  Sunnycal will assess physical and electrical integrity of established solar systems, providing a realistic estimate of the remaining lifetime of solar system components. Familiarization training is provided to new owners, explaining the ins-and-outs of home solar equipment and utility relationships.


We inspect:

  • Solar array structure and potential shade issues
  • Solar Panel wiring and dangling wires
  • Inverter wiring into home breaker panel
  • Solar wiring into inverter
  • Battery cables
  • Internet reporting status when available
  • Protective ground wire connections
  • Warning label placement and deterioration




Actual inverter that was believed to be working prior to inspection


Example of solar module damaged by rocks


Example of hot spots in solar modules (below glass)


Example of overheated wire nut used to link multiple wires