Upon purchase the buyer agrees to the following SunnyCal Solar Return Policy

Return policy and restrictions:

A) All returned items are subject to 40% restocking fee

B) Electrical items, with no active electronics, may be returned if unused, and still in original package.

C) The following may not be returned:

           1) Electronic items and batteries

           2) Circuit breakers and fuses

           3) Tools and meters

           4) Cut wire, custom-built items and kits

  5) GolfNet nets and support hardware

D) Installation labor charges are non-refundable

E) Items manufactured by SunnyCal have 30 day warranty

F) Purchaser should consult  manufacturer for warranty terms and policies

G) SunnyCal personnel shall be make the final determination on all returns.

H) In the event of a credit card vendors payment cancellation or NSF check return, buyer is responsible for the unpaid balances and all SunnyCal collection fees, including: attorney fees, court costs, collection fees and hourly fees expended by SunnyCal personnel.


(Purchaser is responsible for the cost of return shipping, no COD shipments will be accepted)