Gen-3 Battery Inverters

Most old generation of battery inverters shutdown when the utility power fails.  The new Gen-3 inverters continue to provide output power to your home, even when the utility power is out.  Gen-3 inverters are battery-ready for future upgrades to enable time-shifting of your power and off-grid capability.

If you need the most complete array of solar functions in your solar system, Gen-3  is the answer.  Starting with the standalone inverter, homeowners can have it all.  This inverter can operate as a grid-tied inverter, and will automatically maintain solar system output power output when the utility power fails….with no batteries!


Darfon Energy Flow Diagram

If battery backup is desired, batteries can be added later, to the same inverter!

Gen-3 Hybrid Inverter

Gen-3 Hybrid+Batt Inverter