Need to configure your Generac generator to support your solar system?

SunnyCal offers aftermarket products to address some of the most difficult needs of solar system owners.

Pic of Generac Generator
Picture of Generac Generator and Transfer Switch

Generac generators are generally not configured to be controlled by contacts inside a solar inverter.  Instead they respond to loss of AC power as communicated from the transfer switch to the generator.

Off-grid solar system owners desire the generator to start/stop based on the battery state-of-charge, or similarly the battery voltage. In order to accomplish this, a  2-wire Start/Stop wire kit is required.  This kit causes the generator to start and stop based on the solar inverter’s relay closure.

2-wire start/stop wire set.
Kit for converting Generac Gaurdian generators to 2-wire

Generac transfer switches, as well as other brands, will only switch to a backup power source when signals are sent and received by the generator.  Most solar system owners want a SIMPLE transfer to solar power when the utility power fails.  They do not need a complex handshake.

By adding our Adrian-1  Generator Control Module will convert a standard Generac  Transfer Switch to be a  SIMPLE  utility-to-solar switch, as controlled by the power inverter relay contacts.  Adrian-1 is simply screwed to the backing plate inside the transfer switch, and uses pre-wired cables to connect to established tabs in the transfer switch.  After conversion, loss of utility power causes switch-over to start using solar input to power the home load.

Adrian-1 Generac Generator Control Module
Adrian-1 Generac Generator Control Module

This effectively caused the load to begin receiving the solar inverter power within milliseconds of the utility power loss.