Solar To Go

Solar-To-Go family of products provide an error-free system for solar system construction. This pre built solar structure is ideal for renters or job-site use  as it can be relocated from site-to-site.

Solar Support Facing Two Directions
Support Structure for Two or Four Modules Start at $599
4 panel single direction solar-to-go
4 panel single direction solar-to-go

 Users simply buy as many sections as required to meet their power needs. Each section wiring plugs into the other, and support legs ‘interlock’ to become one.  Accepts modules up to 90-inches long.

Optional Home-Grid inverter for instantaneous cancellation of home electric loads.

4 input 2kW Home Grid Inverter
4 input 2kW Home Grid Inverter

Slip-fit enables short member pieces to reduce shipping costs.

Solar-to-Go Components

No solar expertise is required.

Solar To Go 2 and 4 module arrays

Solar To Go systems are



Ready for pickup or delivery

System frames interlock together

All solar wiring is plug-n-play

Mount on ground, shipping container or flat roof

Suitable for professionals, homeowner DIY and renters

Options:  structure only, 1 slope or 2 slope, home-grid inverter, square or L-shaped footer.

Approximate utility cost savings per summer month based  550W modules and $0.40/ mo. utility cost:

Two module system          $95/mo savings                           Four module system          $190/mo savings

Eight module system        $360/mo savings                         Sixteen module system     $720/mo savings

Solar-to-Go structures are available fully assembled or in break-down format for lower shipping costs.

SunnyCal Solar-To-Go Components
SunnyCal Solar-To-Go Components

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