2000W Home Grid 4 PV Input Microinverter, 120-240vac



Non-UL listed Microinverter for use in applications where UL listing is not mandatory. This microinverter can accept inputs from up to 4 solar modules.  Each input has independent MPPT circuits to ensure shade on one module does not reduce power of the others.

4 Input Home-Grid Microinverter
4 Input Home-Grid Microinverter

Output voltage can be either 120vac or 240vac. The current scales automatically based on the AC grid voltage.

Home Grid inverter can be used to cancel electric consumption of specific appliances or general home consumption.





  1. Max PV input 625W per input  (total 2500WDC)
  2. PV Module VOC range 30-60VDC
  3. PV Starting DC voltage harvest  22VDC
  4. PV Working range  22-60VDC
  5. Input current max   4 x 20A
  6. Input short circuit current  4 x 23A
  7. Max AC power production  2000VA
  8. Efficiency CEC 92.5%,  MPPT 99.8%
  9. Dimensions  14.6″ x 11.8″ x  1.64″     7lbs
  10. Wifi + cloud monitoring


Output voltage is available in a  corded connector.  Extension cords are available.

Home-Grid AC output cord connectors
30A Home-Grid AC output cord connectors

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 4 in

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