Having trouble with golf balls or hail damaging solar modules?  SunnyCal’s SolarNets(TM) can help.

Net to protect solar panels
SolarNets prevent damage from golfballs, baseballs and hail.

SolarNets protect solar panels from golfball and hail damage.

The sad surprise for many golf course residents, and solar companies alike, is that golf balls really do break solar panels.  Typically those  balls incoming at direct 90 degree angles are most deadly. Solar GolfNets can prevent golfball damage to solar panels.

Residents of the south and midwest frequently encounter hail damage.  The Hail Blocker net from SolarNets.com can prevent most hail damage.

Solar module manufacturers frequently state that modules can withstand falling hail up to 1-inch diameter, and infer that they also can withstand a golf ball hit. That is generally not a valid corollary.

Golf balls travel at twice the speed, weigh six times more than a 1-inch hail stone and have high-energy spin.

A hail stone only falls at speed between 25-40mph, and weighs o.26-oz. Energy is 1.26 joules

Golf Balls fall at 72mph, and are 1 3/4 inches diameter, weighing 1.6-oz. Energy in a golf ball is tremendously higher due to the rate of spin. Golf balls are designed to spin in order to travel further.

Baseballs fall at 74mph, and are 2.75 inches in diameter, weighing 5.25-oz

Terminal velocity of a falling object is related to many factors. Different items fall at different speeds.

Solar arrays that only receive glancing blows are more likely to survive.  Solar GolfNets are positioned 16-18 inches above the vulnerable solar modules, and tensioned to enable the energy of the incoming golf ball to be absorbed.  This prevents the golf balls from impacting the solar array.

Golf Damaged Solar Array
Golf Damaged Solar Array

The SolarNets are specifically designed dissipate the energy of incoming projectiles and minimize solar panel damage. Reinforcing ropes  enable horizontal installations with minimal sag, thereby improving both protection and visual appearance.  Adjustable high tension support wires can be added to prevent sag on large nets.

Example GolfNet Installation
Example GolfNet Installation

Golf Net kits are available to match your solar array size, and are attached using proprietary support brackets that attach directly to the solar module frames. Since Golf Nets would be installed after the array installation, they can easily be added to existing systems with no solar modifications.  No roof penetrations are necessary with Direct Attach net supports.

Array damaged by baseball impact
Array damaged by baseball impact

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Solar Net Designer

SolarNets Designer
Net Designer tool for designing protective nets and selecting support brackets

Homeowners can  design solar nets to exactly match their solar panel layout.  By replicating the layout of their rooftop solar panels, users can create nets that precisely cover the solar panels, enabling the nets to be stretched tight. This enable golf ball energy to be absorbed, preventing damage to the underlying solar panels.

Example of solar net design
Example of solar net design

During initial solar installation, GolfNet supports can be attached to the directly to the frame of the solar panels, eliminating the need to create more roof penetrations.

GolfNet Installation Guide for Direct Attach Supports

Solar GolfNet supports attach directly to the frame of solar modules, using simple self-drilling screws.

Example Solar GolfNet Installation Using Direct Attach Supports
Example Solar GolfNet Installation Using Direct Attach Supports

Some homeowners experience pushback from HOA architectural committees. Those committee members are often unaware of specific laws that are in place to ensure solar system costs and efficiencies are not impacted by arbitrary decisions.  Here is a link to an analysis of the California Solar Rights Act:   Solar Rights with Solar Golf Nets 1a

Solar GolfNet Supports attach directly to solar modules
Solar GolfNet Supports attach directly to solar modules


GolfNet & Support diagram
GolfNet & Support diagram
SunnyCal GolfNet(TM) Rail-Attached Supports
Solar Nets attach to net supports using chain and carabiners

GolfNet in black color for longest lifetime. Shown with chain+carabiner tensioners



White GolfNet has least impact on energy production

White GolfNets have lower losses, however they  are less durable over time.


SunnyCal SolarNets Carabiner Attachment without tensioner

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