Mini-Split Heat Pump & Air-Conditioning System

Don’t buy an old fashioned window air conditioner.  Single-zone Mini-Split Heat Pump &  Air Conditioner Systems,  also ideal for off-grid applications, are duct-free, and  allow you to cool or heat a specified area without the need for extensive ducting or floor space. Units are available in 9000BTU or larger 12,000BTU sizes. Mini Split systems come complete with standard components for simple installation. A standard four module PV array can operate off-grid.

Mini Split Heat Pump & Air Conditioner systems consist of four primary parts:

  1. An inverter-based outdoor condenser unit
  2. A sleek indoor mounted air handler unit that delivers treated air to the targeted space
  3. A set of refrigerant and wiring lines that connect the two units
  4. A remote control

Additional items sometimes requires are Wall Mount Brackets, Pipe Extension Kits and Pipe Extension Cover Kits

Mini Split

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Mini-Split Heat Pump & Air-Conditioning System

AC Mini Split

These units can operate directly from battery-free inverter or from a battery powered solar inverter.  Either option typically requires at least 1200W of solar power (4 panels)

Note: We do recommend that a qualified professional undertakes the installation process, which in most cases, can be completed within a day.

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