Solar Well Power

Stop paying big electric bills for pumping water.   Convert your existing well to solar power now!    

With the new Solar Well Inverter, when the sun is shining, you can be pumping. Converts Solar DC to AC for existing AC-powered well pumps. Now us can install solar modules to remove your well power consumption from your electric bill. These inverters can supply power in the place of existing utility power for pump motors up to 50HP.


– Solar power only, no batteries


Inverter to use solar to drive water pump directly

– Power existing AC pumps


Direct connect to solar panels


– MPPT circuit for high efficiency


– Low water sense and shutdown


– 3/4HP & 1.5HP in stock


– Up to 50HP by special order


– Single or 3-phase options 


– AC power input option


– Rated for outdoor installation


Well Inverter Datasheet 1d

Well Inverter System Diagram