Solar Seminars

Solar seminars  provide a non-sales oriented setting, in which attendees can learn about solar.  All topics are open for discussion.

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Seminars are held from 9AM to 12 noon on selected Saturdays at the  SunnyCal Solar Store, 795 CA-49, Jackson CA 95642.

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SunnyCal Solar Store


Seminar topics:

                • How utilities sell electricity
                • Solar Buyers guide. Lease?  PPA?  Purchase?
                • Types of solar systems
                • How solar works
                • How big a solar system do you need?
                • I have solar, but is it working properly?
                • Can I add batteries to my system?
                • Financing guide for new solar purchases
                • Self-installing solar, you could do it!
                • Activating your system with utility company.  Should you avoid this?
                • If not now….when is the best time to install solar?
                • What happens when I sell my home?
                • Building permits for solar

Through the process you will become familiar with

                • Solar principles
                • Solar Components
                • On-grid versus off-grid
                • Electrical Concepts
                • Installation techniques
                • Battery choices
                • Calculating your solar system size
                • Lease versus purchase comparison
                • Recommended equipment types



Next scheduled seminar  June 8, 2025   Solar Seminar ticket for 2Credit of admission price can be applied to same day purchase in store.


Feel free to contact us to arrange a presentation for your local groups at: