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SunnyCal is now a partner with Loop Electric Car Charging Network. Loop is a premier provider of intelligent chargers for modern electric cars. Their network enables charging at home and on-the-go.  We offer a full selection of Level-2 chargers from home and commercial applications.  Our trained technicians can handle electrical wiring, charger installations, activation and repair.

EV Owners that purchase residential EV Chargers from SunnyCal will receive complementary 1-yr access privileges to the Loop EV Network (kWhr charge fees still apply).

As an alternative to charging your EV from utility power, SunnyCal can provide independent power from an EV Solar Carport. With no utility power required, these carports can be placed in remote locations. See Datasheet

EV Solar Carport
Carport with Solar Power for Charging Electric Vehicles (EV)

Business owners can now have chargers installed with no up-front costs, and generate revenue as EV owners purchase charging services. The current Alternate Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit is available through Dec. 31, 2020.

SunnyCal Solar EV Solar Carport can provide solar powered EV charging with no utility tie-in required. This 100% renewable approach to EV charging is future-proof against the ever-expanding tax on electric vehicle use.

Link to Ev Charge Calc Site
Link to Ev Charge Calc Site

California EV owners residing in PGE utility served areas can select special EV Rateplans. These plans offer reduced rates to EV owners, with special consideration given for solar power and special time of use charging windows. For a vehicle-specific tool for selecting the best rateplan, visit https://ev.pge.com/rates/.

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