Having trouble with golf balls causing broken solar modules? ┬áSunnyCal’s GolfNet(TM) may help.

Golf Ball Damage to Solar Modules
Golf Ball Damage to Solar Modules

The GolfNets are specifically designed to minimize solar energy loss, while having reinforcements to enable horizontal installations with minimal sag, thereby improving both protection and visual appearance.

Golf Net kits are available to match your solar array size, and are attached using standard solar roof mounting techniques. Since Golf Nets would be installed after the array installation, they can easily be added to existing systems with no solar modifications.

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SunnyCal GolfNet Chain Tensioner
SunnyCal GolfNet Chain Tensioner

Net supports are available in several styles

    • ‘End of rail’ attachments, eliminating need for additional roofjacks
    • Roofjack enabled supports with flat feet
    • Vertical surface attach supports for solar carport edges
    • Purlin extension attachment for solar carport ends
SunnyCal GolfNet(TM) Carabiner Attachment
SunnyCal GolfNet(TM) Carabiner Attachment without tensioner


SunnyCal Golf Net Datasheet

SunnyCal Golf Net Datasheet 1b

Solar Golf Net
Solar Golf Net typical placement