Solar company out of business? Now what?

What to Do When Your Solar Company Has Gone Out of Business?

May 25, 2024

When your solar system fails, you are in the worst situation. You still have your monthly solar payment, but your utility bill returns larger than ever! When a call to your solar company goes unanswered, you are stranded.

Lightening Damaged Inverter

Locating a solar company to perform repairs can be very difficult. In fact, many solar companies refuse to provide warranty repairs for system they installed.

Without documentation of the original system design, the service personnel must be experts. They must be able to understand the equipment that is in place, and have experience trouble shooting a large variety of system configurations.


Solar Servco can help. We provide long-term support for solar service needs and aim to independently offer performance monitoring and system repair to solar owners, regardless of who installed the system.  Our repair teams have the special equipment for testing solar performance. The two-man teams have years of experience, plus they have hotline access to system design engineers that have designed hundreds of systems.

By necessity, repairing solar systems is expensive; a full system troubleshooting and repair service can easily cost $1500-$3500. In order to ease the pain of such lump-sum repair bills, Solar Servco offers a monthly subscription program. This program ensures access to expert resources when a system failure occurs.  Going months with a broken solar system, and paying utility bills is more costly than  repairing your solar system.


Debris from Birds Dropped on Solar Array
Debris from Birds Dropped on Solar Array

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Solar Servco Protection Subscription Program

Our solar services cover a range of important tasks to ensure your solar energy system functions optimally:

  • Testing Solar System Performance: We thoroughly assess your solar panels’ performance to ensure they generate electricity efficiently.
  •  Repairing and Replacing Components: If any components of your solar energy system fail, we swiftly repair or replace them to minimize downtime and maximize energy production.
  •  Monitoring and Problem Alerts: We use remote monitoring to closely monitor your solar system’s performance and promptly alert you to any issues that may arise, allowing for quick resolution.
  •  Upgrading Solar Energy Systems: We enhance your existing solar energy system by seamlessly integrating additional modules, boosting capacity and efficiency.
  •  Battery Backup addition: We offer the option to incorporate battery backup for grid-tied systems, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even during grid outages.
  •  Removing and Reinstalling for Reroofing: When it’s time for roof maintenance or replacement, we safely remove your solar arrays, store them, and reinstall them once the roofing work is complete.
  •  Adding Protective Equipment: We also provide solutions to safeguard your solar investment against potential threats, such as bird nesting, golf balls, and rodent damage, ensuring long-term reliability and efficiency.

Solar Panels Require Periodic Checkup.

Regular solar maintenance is essential for their optimal performance and longevity. When systems develop a problem, the financial impact can be significant. Homeowners and commercial property owners must stay engaged in the upkeep of their solar systems. Regularly checking for common issues, performing necessary maintenance, and knowing when to seek professional help can ensure your solar panels operate efficiently.

Why is Regular Maintenance Crucial?
Regular solar panel maintenance is crucial because it helps prevent minor issues from escalating, which could otherwise lead to decreased energy output or system failure. For example, a routine checkup may discover birds nesting under the panels. If not corrected, the blockage they create can cause roof leaks.

Bird Poop Build-up
Bird Poop Build-up

Additionally, it safeguards your investment by maximizing the lifespan of your solar panels. It produces clean, renewable energy more efficiently and contributes to a greener environment.

Understanding Solar Panel Maintenance
Solar panel maintenance is more than just keeping the panels clean. It involves series of checks and procedures to ensure the system works efficiently. Regular maintenance can help identify potential issues early, preventing costly repairs or system failures.

Cleaning Solar Panels
Cleaning Solar Panels

Here are some key aspects of solar panel maintenance:

1. Check for physical damage or wear and tear. Regularly inspect the panels for any signs of bodily harm, such as cracks or discoloration.

2. Monitor the system’s energy output: Keep an eye on your solar system’s output to ensure it operates at full capacity

3. Inspect the wiring and connections. Check the system’s wiring and connections to ensure they are secure and functioning correctly.

4. Clean the panels to remove dust and debris. Regularly clean them to remove any dust, dirt, or debris that may reduce efficiency

The Difference Between Solar Maintenance and Solar Panel Repair

Solar panel repair and maintenance are separate tasks. Maintenance means checking regularly and preventing problems. Repair is about fixing issues like physical damage or electrical faults. Both are crucial for a healthy solar system.

Solar panel with broken glass
Solar panel with broken glass

Identifying Common Solar Panel Issues.

While solar panels are generally low maintenance, they can still encounter issues that affect their performance.

Wires damaged by squirrels
Wires damaged by squirrels

Common problems include physical damage from lawnmowers, shading from trees or buildings, dirt or debris accumulation, simple failure, and wiring problems. It’s essential to know the signs that your solar panels need attention, such as a drop in energy output, visible damage to the panels, loose or exposed wiring, or error messages from the inverter.


Dealing with Weather-Related Damage
When severe weather, such as hail, wind, or heavy snow, hits, it can physically harm your solar panels. Check them for cracks, loose parts, or other damage right after. If you spot any issues, get a solar repair service to check and fix them.

Solar panels damaged by hail
Solar panels damaged by hail

DIY Solar Panel Maintenance Tips
While you might need a solar service professional for some maintenance, there are tasks you can handle yourself to keep your panels in good shape. Clean them regularly to clear dust and debris and monitor the output for sudden drops to maintain performance.

While cleaning, they inspect for visible damage and clear any obstructions around your panels for better maintenance. Remember, safety first, and feel free to ask to call a customer service professional if you need clarification on anything.

Preventative Measures to Protect Your Solar Investment
Preventative measures can safeguard your solar investment and prolong your system’s lifespan. It’s crucial to clear the area around your panels of shading and debris buildup. Regularly monitor your system’s output and have a professional inspect it to catch potential issues early.

Professional Solar Repair Services
While DIY maintenance is valid, specific tasks need a professional solar panel repair service. They can swiftly diagnose and repair problems, conduct routine maintenance checks, and suggest system upgrades.

When To Call The Experts?
If you spot a significant decrease in energy output, see visible damage to the panels, or if your annual true-up bill projection suddenly jumps, it’s best to call solar services professionals. Every month of delay causes bigger electric bills. A checkup can make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Choosing a Reliable Solar Repair Service Before Your System Fails
Picking a dependable solar repair service is vital for getting quality work at fair prices. Check reviews, qualifications, and experience of services, ask about their offerings. Try to get on a maintenance program; this is important as it will establish you as a known customer, and you will get priority response. You avoid needing to an emergency search for a new service provider when your system is down.

Maintenance for Different Types of Solar Installations.
Rooftop versus ground-mounted solar installations have different maintenance needs. Being out of sight, rooftop systems might need rooftop checks for bird and rodent infestation. In contrast, ground- mounted systems might need a visual inspection for broken modules. But whether rooftop or ground mounted, regular care is crucial to keep the system running efficiently.

Solar panel with broken glass
Solar panel with broken glass

Residential vs. Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance
Residential solar maintenance typically includes easy tasks like cleaning and visual inspections. Commercial solar maintenance can get more complicated; with large arrays, the financial impact of degradation can be more significant. Regardless of the complexity, the aim is to keep the system running efficiently. A well-maintained system can save you money down the line.

The Importance of Professional Checks and Service Contracts
Professional checks are crucial for all solar installations. With thorough record keeping, they can detect a reduction in energy production before systems fail. The savings can easily justify the periodic cost by preventing large electric bills after systems fail. Remember, regular care can prolong your system’s life. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Lady with big bill
Avoid big surprise bill

Taking care of your solar panels is about more than fixing problems. Regular solar maintenance can extend their life and boost efficiency. Investing in solar panel care is smart, ensuring you maximize your solar investment. Regular maintenance ensures your solar panels’ long-term efficiency and lifespan, and avoids large surprise utility bills.



When issues arise, Call SunnyCal Solar (209)-646-6100 to schedule a checkup with a solar energy professional to keep your system running smoothly for years!

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